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Systems Development Course Offering


The focus of the Systems Development Course is to lead attendees through the process of developing an high probability, low risk, high reward options trading system. We will examine the forest from the perspective of a tree and the trees from the perspective of a forest to develop a hypothesis, choose an options strategy, back test, forward test, back test some more, and forward test even more. The outcome will be a set of rules and a trade plan for attendees to use following course completion.

Parallel to the development of a new system, course attendees will look over the shoulder of the instructor as he trades the overnight Green Goose system as a demonstration of systems application.

This an advanced course that will have an interactive seminar style basis. Attendees will maintain their own spreadsheets, analysis, and conclusions in a shared class document for peer review.

Course Fee: $1495.00

Please email or for more info.

04/24/2018: Technical Analysis of ETF’s, Alternate

Candlesticks, and Bollinger Bands. Process Flow

of Systems Development.

05/01/2018: Homework review. Setting time and price

targets. Complex Options Order Placement. Step

1: Pattern Recognition

05/08/2018: Homework review. Step 2: Ideation on stock

movement. ID of potential options strategies to

take advantage of stock movement.

05/15/2018: Homework review. Step 3: Hypothesis

Generation Part 1: Rule formulation and

Back Testing on Stock.

05/22/2018: Homework review. Step 4: Hypothesis

Generation Part 2: Refining rules and back

testing on options.

05/29/2018: Homework review. Step 5: Forward Testing Part 1: Paper trading the new system. Adjusting

positions to reduce risk and enhance profit.

06/05/2018: Homework review. Step 6: Forward Testing Part 2: Paper trading the new system. Exploring

alternate time frames to test the depth of the


06/12/2018: Homework review. Step 7: Finalize Rules. Trade Plan formulation, and Goal setting. Naming the


All sessions will be held on Tuesday evenings from 8:00 - 9:30 PM Wall Street Time.