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Earnings Release Options Strategies Course Offering

March 21, 2018


The OP Earnings Release Option Strategies course gives you a tool box of options strategies that allows you to take advantage of major events.  It is designed to “straddle” the next ER season so that a list of ER plays with their appropriate strategies is developed for future use. 


For example, below are three primary non-directional ER strategies and their ROI results for FB (each can be traded individually).  The same strategies can be applied to other stocks; history will show that they either work well or fail on individual names, e.g., Strategy C on FB.


                           Strategy A         Strategy B         Strategy C


4/27/2016         -79.20%             6.40%                   -0.60%

7/27/2016         238.30%            52.90%                -68.80%

11/1/2016            19.00%            43.30%                   -7.70%

2/1/2017            123.10%            26.60%                 -61.60%

5/3/2017            134.10%              9.60%                -92.90%

7/26/2017           29.40%             22.50%                -18.80%

11/1/2017           164.80%            58.20%                -59.40%

1/31/2018          100.00%            32.00%                -36.20%


The course format will rely on learning the types of strategies, identifying stocks that meet the criteria for those strategies, back testing the past 5 to 7 earnings, and tracking live case studies during the April/May earnings season. 


At the end of the course, you will have 15 to 25 stocks and customized strategies to apply to the next earnings season.  All case studies are for education purposes.


Course fee:                          $1495.00


Required resource:            TomsOptionTools




5 April 2018     Earnings and Implied Volatility.  Introduction

                           to IV and ER scans on TomsOptionTools to                                 develop candidate lists.  Concept of

                           position sizing in ER trades. Live case

                           studies for coming week.


12 April 2018   Survey of Options Strategies for ER’s (and

                         events): Straddles/Strangles, Calendars,

                         Double Calendars, and Butterfly’s.  Live case

                         studies for coming week.


19 April 2018  Pre-ER strategies (taking advantage of

                         increasing implied volatility):

                         straddles/strangles and calendars.  Live case

                         studies for coming week.


26 April 2018  Holding over ER strategies (within context of

                         IV crush):  Straddles/strangles.  Live case

                         studies for coming week.


3 May 2018     Holding over ER strategies (within context of

                         IV crush):  Butterfly’s.  Live case studies for

                         coming week.


10 May 2018   Directional ER strategies (how to deal with IV

                        crush):  calls/puts and butterfly’s.  Live case

                        studies for coming week.


17 May 2018  Post ER Strategies (taking advantage of the

                        calm after the storm):  credit spreads,

                        butterfly’s and calendars.  Live case studies

                        for coming week.


24 May 2018  Review of ER strategies.  Presentation of ER

                        play list and calendar for next ER season.  Live

                        case studies for coming week if any.


Note:              All live case studies will use a mix of

                       strategies to be presented in the full eight

                       week course and will be used as case study

                       material.  For example, a butterfly, calendar, or

                       other strategy could be used in week 1.



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